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First Asian furniture development forum held successfully in Shanghai

September 10th, the first Asian furniture development forum held during the twenty-first China International Furniture Fair held successfully. The forum is organized by the Asia furniture association and China Furniture Association, Shanghai International Exhibition co..

Guests attending the Forum: Asian Furniture Association, China furniture association director Zhu Changling, Chinese Furniture Association vice chairman Liu Jinliang, vice chairman of Chinese Furniture Association and Secretary General Zhang Bingbing, deputy director of China furniture association director Wang Mingliang, Chen Baoguang, founder of Shanghai International Exhibition Exhibition Bohua Co. Ltd., Asia furniture association secretary long, director of the Information Department of China Furniture Association Tu Qi, Asian furniture Federation consultant Casey Loo, Asia furniture Federation reputation will make new Lin Asian Furniture Association vice chairman, vice chairman of Thailand Furniture Association, Jirawat Tangkijngamwong, Song Mei Yong president of the Singapore Furniture Association, vice president of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce Paul Keng furniture, Malaysia Furniture Association President Chua Chun Chai, vice chairman of Indonesia furniture industry and handicraft industry association Rudy T. Luwia, the South Korean furniture industry association chairman Kye Won Kim, Iran furniture industry association secretary general Mozaffar Alikhani, the Secretary of the Australian Furniture Industry Association Dean Brakell, Philippines furniture industry association chairman Eduardo G. Zuluaga. The forum by the Asian furniture association secretary general, director of the Ministry of information Chinese Tu Qi presided over the furniture association.

At the meeting, the president of the Asian Furniture Association, China Furniture Association, Zhu Changling, to "from the world to see the development of Asian and Chinese furniture" as the theme of the keynote speech. He has made a detailed exposition of the three aspects of the global furniture production and trade, the general situation of the development of Asian furniture industry and the development of China's furniture industry.

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Iran, Australia, Philippines and other Asian countries, the United States and other Asian countries have made a wonderful speech, sharing their own furniture industry new design, new technology, new products, new technology, introduced the status of the development of furniture industry.

The forum is the first event of the Asian Furniture Association for the first time. In 2014 the global furniture consumption in Asia as the largest increase in area, is gradually revealed its consumption potential. "Along the way" strategy, "Asian investment bank" and other good news for the development of the furniture industry in Asia to create the conditions. The geographical distribution of the global furniture consumption is gradually shifted from the traditional European and American markets to the Asia Pacific market. At the same time, as the world's largest furniture producing countries, exporting countries, but also the largest furniture market, China's position in Asia and even the global industry is crucial. Therefore, how to use the advantages of the development of Asian furniture industry, explore new development model, and actively promote the overall level of Asian furniture industry to enhance and information exchange is the Asian furniture industry have to think about the problem. The forum will be held in Asia, the overall level of the overall level of the furniture industry to play a positive role in promoting information exchange.

Source: China Wood Information Network

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