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China Furniture Association to visit Canada

In order to strengthen the ability of Chinese furniture enterprises in the new normal, to further consolidate and enhance China's furniture industry in the world's leading position, China Furniture Association in recent years continue to strengthen international exchanges, for the majority of enterprises to collect and provide the latest information, and to build bridges and platforms for China's home with the trade cooperation. September 2015, the Chinese Furniture Association, Zhu Changling, director of the tour to Canada, has visited the Canadian Wood Industry Association, British Columbia Wood Association, forestry innovation investment Co., Ltd., Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association, Ontario Province wood association. Accompanied by the visit to Canada: China Furniture Association Information Department Director Tu Qi, Tianjin Furniture Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Gao Xiuzhi, Beijing Furniture Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Ren Shuqin, Hebei Furniture Association President Li Fengjie and business representatives.

On the 21 day, the visiting team visited the Canadian Wood Industry Association, the British Columbia Timber Association, forestry innovation investment Co., ltd.. Zhu Changling, chairman of the board of directors of China and Canada in the field of furniture and wood maintained close trade cooperation, Canada is China's eighth largest export market, in 2014, China's exports of Canadian furniture value of 1570000000 U. s.dollars; China's furniture to maintain a high penetration rate, according to data from the China Furniture Association, 17% of furniture products from china. Iversen Wayne, director of the Asian market development, Canada has a very rich forest resources, which accounts for about 2/3, Canada is the world's major timber and related products, the United States, the European Union, China is Canada's timber exports to the destination. Exchanges, the two sides expressed a joint cooperation between the two countries to promote the exchange of furniture and wood industry, after the meeting, Zhu and Mr. Iversen Wayne mr..

It is reported that British Columbia is Canada's most important timber producing areas, production more than half of the country, China is Britain's second largest timber export market, the annual export volume of more than 3000000000 Canadian dollars. Canadian forestry innovation investment Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting the new product and wood structure technology in British Columbia, which is set up in China by the sub company forest (China) through the dream plus garden project for China's wood structure field professionals and consumers a new way of building structure.

24, visit the delegation to visit the furniture manufacturers association of Quebec Province, the two sides exchange of experience in China and Canada's furniture fair work, and to promote the Sino Canadian furniture timber companies to achieve the relevant cooperation is discussed. Zhu Changling, chairman of the board of directors, China Furniture Association has a wealth of experience in organizing and international affairs exhibition organized by the China International Furniture Fair every year is the world's third largest professional furniture exhibition. Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association, Quebec, Furniture Manufacturers Association sponsored by the Canadian Furniture Fair held in 1972, is one of the most influential professional furniture exhibition in North America, the Canadian furniture fair in May 28th will be carried out in Toronto in 2016, welcomed the Chinese manufacturers and buyers to participate in the.

The 25 day visit, visit gathering wood in Ontario Province Association, further investigated Ontario wood and related industry information. It is reported that, Ontario and British Columbia, Quebec Province as one of Canada's three largest timber producing areas, and America trade frequently. In addition, Ontario province also has a wealth of metal and mineral resources.

During the visit, Tianjin Furniture Industry Association executive vice president and Secretary General Gao Xiuzhi, Beijing Furniture Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Ren Shuqin, Hebei Furniture Association, Li Fengjie, President of the association with the body of in-depth exchanges, China's Beijing, Tianjin and integration of regional furniture industry development opportunities made an introduction, and Canadian forest wood industry and cooperation in china.

China Furniture Association and the Canadian furniture and forestry institutions has maintained close and friendly relations. The visit achieved complete success, the future will continue to provide service and support to the enterprises of the two countries to exchange industry and trade cooperation.

Source: China Wood Information Network

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