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Jiangmen classical furniture industry in Singapore

Jiangmen daily news (reporter / Lv Shenggen) from Jiangmen Classical Furniture Industry Association recently China group (Jiangmen) recently Redwood Culture International Exchange & business delegation to Malaysia, Singapore exchange visits, after the event, led by the vice president of the Singapore Furniture Association Zhang Jin Quan personally visit Jiangmen City Furniture Industry Association, and investigation to this, Xinhui and Taishan has two mahogany furniture producing areas, only 2 days on the Wu Xinglong Ming furniture art Co., Tian Hao classical furniture Expo Center, long classical furniture city, male industry classical furniture company 7 production enterprises, and one one exchanges, business docking, and more xiongye classical furniture company signed the first batch of orders.

During a return visit, the city's classical furniture industry association in charge of the city's mahogany industry development, industry upgrading and the future development of cooperation in the future, and the Singapore Furniture Chamber of Commerce to further explore and reach a more effective consensus. At the same time, Zhang Jinquan deep feeling constantly praise I, mahogany antique furniture size, quality and market potential, he more than once said "to see the world classical mahogany furniture, as long as came to Jiangmen, can be clear at a glance, and has repeatedly said that" a lot of income of this trip, the harvest is very large.

In order to better promote the classical furniture industry in Jiangmen, explore the international market, Xinhui Tianhao classical furniture Expo Center, chairman of the forest Jiansong said, by now the Jiangmen Area mahogany industry strength, they have enough confidence, to enter the international market, and said, will actively participate in the city classical furniture industry associations in Singapore, Malaysia and other first-class international furniture exhibition, enhance the influence of classical furniture industry in our city, not only to seize the domestic market, but also to explore the international market.

Xinhui xiongye classical furniture company through the development in recent years, has cultivated more than 100 dealers nationwide and built a 4 million square meters of modern furniture factory, to expand the international market, the chairman of the board of directors Zhong Chaoxiong said, we must grasp the market information, production and the needs of the market products, classical furniture pushed foreign markets will follow the road.

In communication with Wu's booming Ming style furniture art Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Bingliang master, Zhang Jinquan appreciate its products are exquisite and high-end, and said that in the 1970s and 1980s, the most classical mahogany furniture products sold overseas, special in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, but now the market where significant atrophy, how to restore and activation will need to Jiangmen furniture industry jointly explore and effort.

Source: Jiangmen daily

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