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Zhejiang rengar wood landed three new board main high-grade wood custom furniture

On November 24, Zhejiang rengar Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Runge shares) landing the new Sanban listed for trading, stock code for 834390 transactions for transaction protocol. Rengar shares the main business development, high-grade wood custom furniture design, production and sales. The company belongs to the industry of furniture manufacturing, the total share capital of 1764.71 shares, earnings per share of 0.20 yuan.

According to the company public transfer instructions, Runge shares in 2014, the annual revenue of about 1428.21 million yuan, net profit for 131.76; 2015 1-5 month operating income of 965.98 million yuan, net profit for 178.39 million yuan.

Zhejiang rengar Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was established on October 26, 2011, is a set of wood products design, production, sales, installation, service as one of the high-end boutique wood enterprises, in Hangzhou sixth space has more than 1000 square meters exhibition hall, products include: wooden doors, wooden staircase, wooden parapet, fixed furniture, wooden cloakroom system, cellar system, European wood ceiling, bathroom cabinets, European style Roman column, wood furniture, wooden cabinet high-end custom wood products.

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