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Furniture dealers in the next 5 years, 7 major trends and prospects forecast

Nearly two years, along with the cooling of the real estate market, the rapid decline of the furniture consumption, furniture stores and shops of a sharp fall in the performance of, a change in the furniture industry will gradually expand, furniture terminal of a new round of reshuffle will first start from a furniture dealer, who can roll with the punches, initiative to change, grasp the trend, who will win the next gold 10 years of competition in the market. Do you know these trends?

A trend: the traditional "tradesmen" will quickly fade, "salesmen" active market competition;

Trend two: in the local market to form a monopoly of the products of a certain type of products will be a good development;

Trend three: monopoly store talent competition will become the core of the future competition;

Trend four: local oligopoly dealers will be in the next 2-5 years, a large number of emerging;

Trend five: there are ideas, ideas, and the size of the dealer will get the opportunity to develop fast;

Trend six: store is not a set of people, the use of people, leaving people's effective incentive assessment mechanism to become a monopoly store can continue to protect the profitability;

Trend seven: the store continued to be a continuous training of stores in a good operation must not be missing key link.

Source: China Investment Advisory Network

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