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Office chairs and other office furniture industry how to achieve change through the Internet to break through

G3: the current business is an indisputable fact, many companies feel increasingly difficult to survive. So, all kinds of seminars, training will be endless. Various meeting, it seems to discuss a lot of things, but as the experts said, in the final analysis, the main reason is no more than two: first, in the era of rapid development of the Internet, the user can easily access to more products, the user's choice is strong; the two is the product homogeneity serious. There's not much difference between a lot of enterprise products.

According to G3 comprehensive report: this leads to the result is that the emergence of vicious competition between enterprises, the survival is becoming increasingly difficult, consumers are also faced with the choice of difficulties, it is difficult to buy the characteristics of the products.

Office chairs and other office furniture industry, as a typical traditional industry, in the process of the rapid development of the Internet, the natural will not be affected. How to use the Internet to achieve product and brand differentiation, brand competitiveness, to achieve a breakthrough, which will undoubtedly become the concern of entrepreneurs.

Experts believe that, from the perspective of marketing, you can consider from two aspects to proceed, one is to understand the needs of users, the two is to create products that meet the needs of users.

Usually in the traditional business model, is a typical process, companies with good products, re entering the market sales, if sales are not good, it will be a clearance sale, really sell became the inventory. The most serious is that, as small and medium enterprises, it is difficult to effectively understand the actual needs of the user.

Shenzhen Regal court furniture was established in 2002, specializing in the production of office furniture, office screen, office chair, sofa, tea table, wooden desk, filing cabinets and other office furniture products. Large scale, especially the introduction of Italy, Germany, Taiwan and other places of advanced and modern equipment. Have the ability to develop new products and so on. Especially the screen partition, novel style, smooth lines, elegant style, elegant fashion, have been recognized by many customers. 13 years of toil, and constantly improve, innovation and change, so far the rich villa Shenzhen office furniture has become the leading brand in the office furniture industry.

In the Internet era, companies can understand the user needs from a variety of dimensions. For example, it is understood, in the early stages of product design, black and white tones by customers, as well as the whole network data analysis of the market demand. In the actual operation process, and then gradually adjust. For example, now a lot of office workers, not only need to sit in the office for a long time, but also may have to take a nap at noon, back home, but also president of the time sitting in front of the computer. This requires a computer chair, not only to sit comfortably, but also to be able to sedentary and ease fatigue, it is best to help lunch break.

It is based on the needs of users, black and white tone in the design of the computer chair, on the one hand to consider the office chair, on the other hand will take into account the home computer chair. In performance design, for example, when the user is tired, you can let the chair back rest, when you want to lie down and rest, but also can be fixed after lying angle, easy to break.

In fact, to understand and analyze user needs, just the first step. After this, also need to consider in the product design, how to achieve differentiation. To create a difference, the formation of competitiveness, which is a lot of enterprises are facing the problem.

Today, a large number of office workers living in the city of reinforced concrete, in the workplace, from the heart to stay away from this complex. Black and white tones knows this, in the style of design eliminates the traditional stereotyped design, but complex simple, advocating from Nordic simple and stylish design. In the product function, according to the user needs analysis, to solve the traditional office chair, only to sit, can not rest.

It is understood that, in the traditional design, usually only the price of a thousand dollars or more in the high end of the computer chair, to have these comfort. The general white-collar office workers more difficult to withstand the high-end price, black and white, the use of high cost strategy, so that more office workers have the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of comfort.

This has become the brand, in just a few years time, a big secret to quickly occupy the market. Black and white has been in the industry for three consecutive years in the industry sales champion, and the CCTV-2 and other authoritative media, as well as by domestic public companies of large groups of people, and reached a long-term strategic cooperation.

Experts believe that the convenience of the Internet, the company has brought challenges, but it is precisely because of this challenge for all enterprises are relatively fair, which has given a lot of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial enterprises a corner overtaking opportunities. When the Internet tide hit, office chairs, office furniture industry must also be affected, but also realize the overtaking opportunities, enterprises need to seize the opportunity, meet the change of the times, in order to highlight the tight encirclement.

Source: Global chair industry network

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