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China International Furniture Exhibition of Ming the introduction of virtual reality technology industries

  [new] [new] network (September 9th) 12, the twenty-first China International Furniture Fair in Pudong Shanghai New International Exhibition center. This exhibition the exhibitors will bring the latest concepts and techniques, the audience will feed one's sight on. It is reported that this exhibition area of about 350000 square meters, from 25 countries and regions of nearly 3000 exhibitors, the main exhibition hall has hundreds of linkage of Chinese international home design week, the fifth Shanghai International Interior Design Festival and Exhibition shop linkage and other peripheral activities, from the furniture industry to expand the field of home.

  At this event, the scientific and technological elements will become the focus of the show. Such as the W5 Museum of the "assembly network" booth, the entire table is not a piece of furniture, only a special glasses. Originally this is a focus on personalized home decoration customized Internet O2O platform, they added a virtual reality scene experience in APP, and the United of the top of the VR virtual reality technology team, developed a VR virtual reality model. Imagine, after the user as long as the special VR virtual reality glasses will be able to enter into the future virtual reality based on their own preferences, users can log on to the online virtual reality home store, as long as the hands in the air gently slide several times to complete the furniture, fabric, lamps and other products of the free collocation and purchase, to avoid customers will buy back found not to ride.

  The China International Furniture Fair will continue to work together with China international home design week, and the fifth Shanghai International Interior Design Festival held in the same period, with the design to open up furniture, building materials, home decoration, lighting, soft, art, collection, design barriers. In the same period, the peripheral design activity, which is based on the 4 day of the furniture fair, is extended for 3 days. (new people's evening news Xiao Junwei)

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